Mariah Stackhouse featured in LPGA's new 'Drive On' commercial

KPMG Brand Ambassador inspires in fourth installment of LPGA brand campaign

KPMG Brand Ambassador and LPGA Tour professional Mariah Stackhouse is the star of the new ‘Diamond in the Sky’ television commercial, the fourth installment in the LPGA’s ‘Drive On’ brand campaign.

Mariah is only the second player to be featured exclusively in one of the LPGA’s ‘Drive On’ commercials, and participating in the campaign was an easy decision for the third-year pro.

“When I was approached about the opportunity to participate, I was really excited,” Stackhouse said. “I love the campaign because it showcases a lot of the women we have on tour and brings some light to their stories. All the members that we have on tour have a special story, and add to the diversity we have on tour.”

LPGA Chief Brand and Communications Officer Roberta Bowman feels Mariah is an ideal fit for the campaign.

“The LPGA’s “Drive On” campaign is about sharing the stories of LPGA Members and their determination to achieve their goals,” Bowman said. “We want to introduce golf to more people, and our players are our best ambassadors for the game. Mariah is a terrific role model on and off the golf course and we are excited for more people to hear about her remarkable path to the LPGA.”

The commercial spot will debut this week on the LPGA’s social media channels and during broadcast coverage of the Indy Women in Tech Championship, and Mariah is hoping it can be an inspiration to the viewing audience.

“When someone sees a person that reminds them of themselves, it kind of opens a new window,” Stackhouse said. Not to say that wouldn’t happen ordinarily – if someone picks up a golf club and they love it, they’re going to play. But if you just happen to be scrolling on TV and you see an LPGA tournament, and a young black girl says ‘Wow, I’ve never seen that before’, that’s incredibly inspiring. So I think I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be an inspiration in the same way that I had inspirations for myself.”

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