KPMG matches Stacy Lewis’ donation to Hurricane Harvey Relief

KPMG teamed with brand ambassador Stacy Lewis today to make a combined donation of $390,000 to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

$195,000 donated by KPMG to double impact of Stacy donating 100% of her winnings to support relief efforts in her hometown of Houston

KPMG brand ambassador Stacy Lewis today won the Cambia Portland Classic and donated 100% of her winnings, $195,000, to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Inspired by Stacy’s generosity and caring for her hometown of Houston, KPMG will match Stacy’s donation by contributing $195,000, bringing the total donation in honor of Stacy’s stellar play to $390,000.

Stacy Lewis was raised and currently resides in the Houston, TX area and Stacy’s husband, Gerrod Chadwell, is the Head Golf Coach for the University of Houston Women’s Golf Team. With their local connections to Houston and particularly moved by the devastation to so many, Stacy dedicated her play on Wednesday before this week’s LPGA Tour tournament began to relief efforts. Asked what the week has taught her, Stacy reflected: “Being more appreciative. It definitely puts things into perspective.”

This win marks Stacy’s 12th win on the LPGA Tour and first win since 2014. In addition to KPMG’s donation to relief efforts, each time a KPMG Brand Ambassador win on Tour, KPMG makes a donation of books and refurbishes a local library as part of KPMG’s Family for Literacy (KFFL) initiative. To honor this special win by Stacy, KPMG will double the typical donation with 10,000 new books to be provided to children and local KPMG volunteers will refurbish two libraries in the Houston area. Knowing that strong reading skills are the basis for future success, and understanding that the toughest roadblock to children’s literacy in low-income communities is a lack of books, in 2008 KPMG established KFFL to combat childhood illiteracy. Since its inception in 2008, KFFL has distributed more than 3 million new books to low-income children in more than 90 communities across the United States.

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