Team KPMG Rookie Diary - Maverick McNealy - Chapter 3

Maverick checks in from Las Vegas, where he's learning a new language and re-connecting with old friends in his time away from the PGA Tour.

Video Transcript

Hi this is Maverick McNealy checking in with entry #3 from quarantine here in Las Vegas. Overall, I’m doing well. I’d gotten to play golf up until the last couple of days, and now I’m just laying low, doing things that I don’t normally have the time to do.

To be honest, I haven’t really been bored yet. I’ve been trying to learn Korean so I can read and write in Korean. Now I’m just trying to learn how to speak and make sense of vocabulary words, sentences, verbs, stuff like that.

I’ve connected with a lot of my friends that I haven't talked to as much lately, watched a little Netflix, but honestly there’s not much I can do with golf right now. I putt in my garage and hit foam balls into my net, but that’s about it. Just kind of taking it day by day.

Everything changes so quickly right now, and hopefully we get to play mid-June. That’s what they’re saying next would be the event at Colonial - the Charles Schwab Challenge in June, but until then, not really sure what’s going on.

I’ll do what I can to stay sharp, but also enjoy the time that I have to do things I normally don’t get to do. Hope everyone is staying safe, staying healthy, and enjoying time with people that you love to spend time with. Have a good one.